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The Twelve Days of Holistic Health
Holiday First Aid Coaching  Coutse

Merry Christmas! Happy Holiday! Hopefully, these words fill you with the sense of joy and excitement over the upcoming holidays. Unfortunately, for thousands of lawyers, the holiday season  holidays are the most difficult time of the year. Despite the influx of attorney well-being CLEs, Lawyer Assistance programs and professional articles, statistics reveal that mental health issues remain at epidemic levels for attorneys, particularly at holidays. With an increase of high risk  behaviors and added anxiety,  the results are risks events such as suicidal, strokes and   heart attacks, with more  occurring on on Christmas Day and January 1 than any other time of the year. 

As founder of Counsel-Care. com, lawyer wellness is not only my purpose, it is also my priority, and a great passion for the profession I love and feel honored to be part of. In response to the overwhelming need for holistic health coaching during the core  days of the holiday season, I have created The Twelve Days of Holistic Heath Holiday First Aid Course.


This email coaching course course is offered specifically for those who recognize the financial, social, spiritual, mental and physical costs, which can arise from unmanaged emotions and expectations, and equip you to handle the stress, anxiety and  depression to avert thd mental and physical  health challenges as we navigate the Christmas holiday season.


How it Works

Each day beginning December 22nd, participants will receive daily emails as part of the course protocol,  A total of 12 email lessons are emailed over 12 days which represent the most stressful days of the holiday season, ending on January 2nd.


What’s included?


Each lesson is designed to offer coaching that targets the cause and effect of mental distress at the emotional root level, and includes steps and strategies that are easy to incorporate into even the busiest holiday schedule, including:


Relaxation strategies and exercises

Gratitude Journal Pages and Prompts

Guided imagery, scripts, and examples 

Protocol recommendations for vitamins, and supplements to help you maintain optimal, emotional 

, mental and physical wellness

Heart attack, and stroke prevention protocols

Daily positive affirmations, meditations, and mindful exercises

Stress Resilience Strategies

List of mood boosting foods to incorporate into your holiday menus

Tips to help you synchronize your mind and emotions.

Learn how to release trapped emotions in the body which cause most chronic conditions and mental health distress


Cognitive behavior and positive thought Strategies to help you overcome negative and self-sabotaging thought patter

Access to members only forum with audio recordings by Dr. Patti posted daily with  even more coaching guidance.


Who this course is for:


This course was created for lawyers but due to its response, has been expanded to include any executive, professional, or individual, who wants a transformative holiday coaching course that offers   concentrated and customized  content to equip  them  with  mental physical and emotional coping skills to achieve balance through the core days of the holiday season, including those experiencing:

Chronic Stress, Anxiety Depression

Chronic Pain/ long COVID/Migraines

Those dealing with Chronic Disease that disrupt their daily lives

Those dealing with loss and grief

Price: $2,400

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