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Herb-n-Cups Wellness Cafe'

Brew Wellness 

Chai Latte

Our custom blended coffees utilize Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic and Western herbs with organic coffees a new way of offering health support. For those who prefer a non caffeinated option, we add herbs such as Dandelion Root and Chickory to provide a similar taste profile.


We curate the highest quality Organic and Wildcrafted and Essential Oil Products


Herbal coffees are an innovative way of expanding the wellness benefits of botanical medicine to people who may not normally consume them.


Personal Health Questionnaires are also completed to provide guidance as part of the purchase process, This information is used  in the selection and formulation of a customized herbal coffee protocol the key to all of the modalities we use is prevention. All of the modalities we offer are part of that goal.

In addition to their core herbal coffees, kHerb=n-Wellness also offers clients the option to add on Bach flower extracts and Biochemic cell salts. Neither of these affect the taste of the final product but provide additional layers of natural health support.

    Step 1

Download and Complete a Personal Health Questionnaire.

    Step 2

Purchase Selected Product Options.. Following Purchase, you will receive an email. Please reply and attach completed Questionnaire

    Step 3

We formulate  and send your Herbal Coffee Protocol, custom blended according to your personal health profile.

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