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Holistic Wellness Services for the Legal Community

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            Empower Your Practice: Elevae Your Mindset, Transform Your Wellness

     Welcome to Counsel-Care, a platform exclusively for lawyers. As a naturopathic doctor and lawyer,  Dr. Patti understands the legal profession, while intellectually rewarding, often places an immense burden on the way we practice law. 
    Through premium courses and coaching programs, she delves into the world of lawyer stress, focusing on the intricate web it weaves across various facets of life.
    Chronic stress is a pervasive issue in the legal field that infiltrates the well-being of legal professionals. The toll it takes on one's emotional state can be profound, seeping into personal relationships and eroding the foundations of connection. Feelings of overwhelm and burnout can create a ripple effect, influencing a lawyer's ability to maintain a sense of confidence in both personal and professional realms. Beyond the confines of the courtroom or conference room, stress permeates into the realms of spirituality, health, business, and finance, leaving lawyers grappling with a diminished peace of mind, compromised mental concentration and even a lack of confidence.

    Dr. Patti assists lawyers unravel the complexities of stress, offering insights, resources, and support to restore equilibrium and foster resilience to master the personal and  challenges you face.


CLE Reimagined

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After more than two decades of attending cles and a nationally recognized cle provider, Dr. Patti imagined more. By combining her knowledge  as a naturopathic doctor and coach. she has designed courses that incorporate education and coaching for a more elevated experience, intended to truly transform your professional learning.

A Mindset Medicine Approach

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Physical and Mental Health are bidirectional in their effect. Your mind affects every cell of your body and is the greatest influence you have over your health. Similarly, what enters your body directly affects your brain and mind,  Dr. Patti offers premium online and  emilcourses that focus on the relationship stress, anxiety and depression have on your physical health and the impact of nutrition on mental health.

Virtual  Coaching Services


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Dr. Patti offers exluive wellness coaching programs, designed to address the most significant health issues that lawyers face. By integrating a holistic approach to physical health, as well as emotional and mental wellness, Dr. Patti offers a one-of a kind white glove coaching service to assist you achieve your wellness goals, so you  can continue to do what you do best.

Cognitive Wellness

For more than three decades, research has recognized the detrimental effects chronic stress places on lawyers. Such stress is manifesting itself in rates of anxiety and depression among attorneys which are more than 3 times that of the general population. Chronic stress also  impairs cognitive capacity which can weaken or kill critical brain cells needed for cognitive function.

      As lawyers, we work in a cognitive  based profession. Our ability to learn, retain and act on the information needed to perform our professional duties is imperative, which is why cognitive wellness must be a priority no matter what your age. Dr. Patti offers courses and coaching that helps lawyer prevent, and even restore lawyer cognitive wellness.


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A Holistic Approach

Although the connection between nutrition and mental wellness is well documented, dietary deficiencies are often overlooked when addressing depression, stress and anxiety. Dr. Patti offer a variety of individual and group wellness programs. Each program can be tailored in accordance with law firm objectives and individual lawyer goals.

By partnering with her clients, Dr. Patti is able to offer general wellness guidance as well as an option for more specific wellness protocols for each lawyer or member of the firm or organization.

Customized programs can include, coaching in relation to:

  • Simple strategies for a winning wellness plan

  • improving stress processing practices

  • Addressing anxiety from the inside out

  • Understanding the cause and effect of chronic stress

  • Cultivating Cognitive health habits for life

  • Holistic Health approaches for dealing with    Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Addiction           

Current Courses and Coaching Programs

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