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Animal Self Medication   

Among the many special gifts our animals possess, one of the most amazing is the innate ability to self medicate. This phenomena, known as zoopharmacognosy, has been scientifically proven, from animals in the wild to those in our homes. Whether the goal is to support or restore the health of our animals, by offering them specific herbs, clays, oils and essential oils, we are able to assist our beloved companions to  heal themselves. Please contact Dr. Patti for more information or to schedule a appointment.


Herbal Self Medication   


Dr. Patti  is a Master Herbalist and is extensively trained in botanical remedies for animals. Whether as teas, rinses, salves or offered as whole or dried herbs, herbology, or herbal medicine, has a long and successful history in helping animals heal. From Western herbs to Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Patti believes that, no matter the issue, there's an herb that can help.

Aromatherapy for Animals

Essential oils offer many benefits when safely used on animals. Dr. Patti is incorporates animal aromatherapy a, nd is able to make specific recommendations as part of any personal Wellness Protocol,

Natural Herbs
Spa Essentials

Dr. Patti is a life long lover of animals. As a dog mom, she understands that there is nothing more important than protecting the health and welfare of our furry family members. As a Doctor of Animal Naturopathy, With multiple certifications in animal aromatherapy, botanical remedies for pets, pet homeopathy, Dr. Patti is well qualified to assist you in creating a health or wellness protocol designed to your particular pet's needs and personality.

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Bottles of Homeopathic Pills

Animal Cell Salt Therapy

Biochemic cell salts, also known as tissue salts, are a form of powerful natural medicine for people nd animals They ae based on 12 salts , plus a combination, which works tp restore vital mineral deficiencies. For a more detailed explanation of cell salts click HERE


Animal Homeopathy

Dr. Patti is a Certified Pet Homeopathic Educator and is experienced in themuseof homeopathic medicine in caring for humans and animals.

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Sweet Dog

Bach Flower Extracts

Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr. Edward Bach, based on his discovery of the negative emotions which were shared by nmany of his patients, despite their different health conditions. Through years of research, he created 38 remedies which are equally effective in addressing the emotional under currents affecttng the health of people and animals alike. Dr. Patti utilizes these gentle, yet potent extracts in all of her customized protocols to help restore balance .

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