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Animal Self Medication   

Among the many special gifts our animals possess, one of the most amazing is the innate ability to self medicate. Known as zoopharmacognosy.


Herbal Self Medication   


Dr. Patti  is a Master Herbalist and is trained in botanical remedies for animals.

Aromatherapy for Animals

Essential oils offer many benefits when safely used on animal. Dr. McCartney is trained in animal aromatherapy and is able to formulate a custom blend according to your animal's personal Wellness Protocol,

Natural Herbs
Spa Essentials

Dr. Patti is a life long lover of animals. As a pet mom, ans there is nothing more important to her than protecting their health and welfare. With certifications in animal aromatherapy, botanical remedies for pets, pet homeopathy, and pet nutrition, as well as her ongoing studies in  a doctorate program for animal naturopathy, Dr. McCartney is qualified to assist you in creating a health or wellness protocol designed to your particular pet's needs and personality.

Girl with Horse
Bottles of Homeopathic Pills

Animal Cell Salt Therapy


Animal Homeopathy

Dr. McCartney is a Certified Pet Homeopathic Educator and is experienced in their use in caring for humans and animal

White Cat
Sweet Dog

Animal Iridology

Iridology is a noninvasive method discovering potential imbalances or health issues in you animals tissues or organs in your animal's  body.

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