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Advancing  H.E.A.L.T.H. Protocol
Holistic Education and Lifestyle Therapy Healing

Lilies of the Valley

Areas of  Practice



Essential Oil Therapy


An Evidence-Minded Mission

Many natural therapeutics have a longstanding history in managing, and even healing chronic conditions and traumatic injuries. Over the last fifty years or so, there have been groundbreaking  discoveries of certain protocols and cognitive therapies which have shown to be extremely effective in these areas, particularly as a form of  "last chance medicine". Despite their successes, these modalities have remained largely undiscovered by those who need them most. Moreover, many of the results remain anecdotal due to a lack of interest for more formal research by conventional medicine. Where research has occurred. it has never explored a comprehensive analysis of the various modalities featured in this program.


After extensive training and research into safe, noninvasive options to the most serious illnesses and injuries of our time, the Advanced H.E.A.L.T.H. program was born.  Established by a Board-Certified Naturopathic Doctor, trained lawyer and Cognitive Wellness Coach, this three month program offers a holistic protocol that combines various natural health modalities, cognitive therapies and coaching. 

A Faith-Based Foundation

Just as Jesus chose to heal in different ways in the Bible, we believe that He still chooses to heal using modalities such as herbs, essential oils, Bach remedies, Biochemic cell salts, nutrition, homeopathy Cognitive therapies and most of all our ,own Christian faith.

The Role of Emotions

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