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What Is Iridology?

Iridology (also known as iridiagnosis) is a form of alternative medicine.It is both the art and science of analysis of the eye, Specifically, the iris, which is colored portion of the eye,


Due to its connection to the brain, the iris acts as  a blueprint for the rest of the body. Through analysis of patterns of lines and markings and even colors, we are able to decipher information regarding the  strengths and weaknesses of a person's health. Iridology is completely noninvasive and is more informative than other diagnostic tools such as lab work, x-rays, MRI's, Cat Scans, etc. This is due to fibers in our eyes, which  reflect any imbalances in our tissues or organs, including physiological conditions, personality traits, psychological risks and even inherited strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology dates back hundreds of years and is practiced worldwide.  it continues to gain in popularity, Just like fingertips, irises are unique to each individual, so each tell their own story, In fact, each iris addresses only one side of the body, so together, they are able to provide a complete blueprint regarding the state of our bodies.

There are four principles that serve as the pillars of  iridology, These include:

  • The condition of the nerves 

  • The condition of the blood and lymph system

  • Adequate circulation

  • Nutrition - rest quality, breathing - state of mind

What does an iridologist do?

A trained iridologist  is able to identify patterns and markings in the iris in order to give an indication of their state of health.

As part of this  analysis, an iridologist will generally look at:


  • The iris color

  • The brightness of the eye

  • The placement and shape of the patterns and markings

  • Rings and other discolorations/shadings in the eyes

The iridologist will also analyze these findings with an iridology chart to determine potential health issues which have triggered changes in the iris, and will monitor changes over time to reflect the progression or regression of the issues.

Although iridology cannot detect diseases, iridology can help with  hypertension, thyroid issues,  liver damage, inflammation, a weakened immune system, digestive issues, allergy sensitivities, including environmental and food allergies and sensitivities, problems in the lymph system, high cholesterol and nutritional deficiencies. To arrange your iridology appointment, click here.

Remote Iridology

Dr. McCartney offers remote iridology services. Simply take photos of each eye with your smartphone . Click below to download ibstructions.

Animal Iridology


In addition to iridology's effectiveness for humans, since it has been used successfully for animals as well. Dr. McCartney is trained in iridology for humans and animals, and offers online services worldwide for equine, canine and feline iridology.

Animal Kingdom
Animal brown horse

Iridology Chart

"While there are many ways of trying to determine bodily conditions, such as hair analysis, the SMA tests, urinalysis, fecal analysis, blood analysis, etc., we do not find one that gives a more complete picture of the whole situation than the science of iridology."

Dr. Bernard Jensen

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