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Meet Dr. Patricia ("Patti") McCartney, JD, BCND, DAN, HHP, MH, PHE, CI,LEHP, CWC

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Doctor of Naturopathy

Board Certification

Doctor of Animal Naturopathy

Juris Doctor

Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Licensd Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner


Master Herbalist

Cognitive Behavior Therapy



Pet Homeopathic Educator

Bach Flower Remedies

Corporate Wellness Coach


Dr. Patricia ("Patti") McCartney envisioned a site where she coulf combine her passion for natural medicine. and her desire to help people and the animals through an online platform.

     As a daughter of a French mother, who was raised Jewish, Dr. Patti comes from generations of women that embraced holistic health, and she is a lifelong lover of teas and natural remedies. Dr. Patti's pain to purpose story began when she was in college and an Arsonist broke into her family's home. Dr.  Patti was awakened by her dog, Kiki, but she received life-sculpting injuries while attempting to save her sister.  The recovery and 40 plus surgeries that followed, provided her with a front row seat to the best and worst that conventional (allopathic) medicine offered. including exposure to MRSA, which led to the amputation of her left hand. Dr. Patti was able to go on to law school and complete her dream of becoming a lawyer. Left with a compromised immune system as a result of treatments she received for her injuries, Dr. Patti struggled with chronic health issues. Her quest led to research on a more natural way to strengthen her immune system and a desire to know more. This journey resulted in multiple professional certifications and eventually,  the completion of her Doctor of Naturopathy. Because of her passion for animals and to honor the dog that helped save her life, Dr. Patti also completed a separate Doctor of Animal Naturopathy to allow her to Paw-it-Forward.


Dr. Patti believes that her past experiences an and her understanding of the potential side effects and complications of conventional medicine, have afforded her a unique platform to assist people and animals, for such a time as this.

Dr. McCartney is passionate about the services she offers and the ability to help people and animals.

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