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Life Messaging was founded on an idea to combine natural health and

personalized messaging with the most important documents of your life and legacy.

Wellness Directive Cards

Wellness Direcive Card2.jpg

How it Works
1. Select the Directive(s) yo want.
2. Complete the purchase
3. When you recive your card in the mail, scan theQR Cide to access tour purchased document

Wellness Directive Options

The events over the Kast few years have reaffirmed the importance of being our own best advocate.

Durable Power of Attorney

A power of Attorney is the most important directive you have. It authorizes a designated person to make financial and healthcare decisions for you if you aren't able to make them for yourself.


Cost$ 49

Mental Health Direcive

 Also called a Behavioral Health Directive, this document allows you to state your instructions for integrative and/or natural health car preferences in case mental health care is needed..

Cost $39

Medical Directive

A medical power of attorney, also known as a health proxy, including designation of health advocate who can help implement your goals and wishes and ensure yur preferences regarding integrative or Complimentanry alternative care are honored



Quality of Life Directive

Quality of Life Directives can be used as stand alone documents or as an attachment to an existing  Advance Directive. This is a valuable document to provide information regarding your wishes regarding your care which affect your quality of life.. This can be as general or detailed as you want.

Cost $39

 Living Will

Also known as a Directive to Physiciam this directive express your wishes on critical care decisions such as ventilation  hydration.

Price $39

Pet Directive

A Pet a type of power of attorney that alliws you to provide car instructions fot yor beloved pet(s) in case you are not ab;e to care for them for any length if time and can terminate when you are able to resume care.

Cost $39

Emergency Care Card

An emergency Care cardis your first line of defense to protect your rights in case of an emergency. This wallet card alerts first responders o with vital informtion, including the existence of an advance directive that fully states your wellneess wishes and preferences of care.

Cost $10

Pet Emergency Card

Our Emergency Care Cared alerts first responder that y have a pet or pets at home, n case of an emergency that presents you from making it home. The card also designates persons to call who you have designated for the emergency care of your pet(s)

Cost $5

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