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Custom Coaching Challenge


                       Offered  By
   Dr. Patti McCartney,JD,ND,DAN.PWC.NCPP 

Dr. Hardin B. Jones, former professor of medical physics and physiology at the University of California, Berkeley, studied cancer for more than 20 years. After traveling the world to gather data on the topic, Jones determined that his research conclusively  proved "that untreated cancer victims actually live up to four times longer than treated individuals.The body has a natural defense against every type of cancer. Medical treatment seems to interfere with and mess up this natural resistance.” 


Like most of you. I've watched loved ones succumb to cancer and the effects of conventional cancer treatments. Believing there had to be a better way,  I dedicated hundreds of hours of research and completed multiple post graduated courses and certifications in order to discover the root cause(s) of cancer. Drawing on my legal skills and training, I gathered extensive evidence to support a more holistic and personalized approach and the Natural Cancer Coaching Program was born.

I believe that cancer is personal to each person and everyone should have the option for a more customized approach to their healing journey, with honor, dignity and  respect for each individual as a  person, rather than  patient.

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