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Can Frankincense Fight Cancer?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021


Although frankincense has been used for its medicinal value since Biblical times, more recent research has highlighted the anti-cancer benefits being discovered through studying this amazing oil.

As early as 2006, frankincense oil was found to act as an effective anti-inflammatory which is encouraging when it comes to treating diseases such as cancer, that have been linked to inflammation.

According to more recent research Frankincense essential oil holds additional cancer fighting properties. The 2009 article, published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, examined the oil’s ability to affect bladder cancer cell formation, discovering that certain concentrations of frankincense oil actually suppressed cancer cells within the bladder, while leaving normal cells unphased. The result of apoptosis, or cell destruction, has given bladder cancer patients new hope for an alternative therapy. A 2015 study also found similar benefits when breast cancer patients used frankincense oil. Moreover. anecdotal evidence has also pointed to the use of frankincense for treating other forms cancer, including brain cancer. Based on its other longstanding therapeutic uses, frankincense is certainly worth consideration in any cancer fighting protocol.


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