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A Cayenne Christmas Gift

For my family, the meaning of Christmas is found in the celebration of our Savior’s birth. However, this year, the heart of the holiday was literally delivered through the bright red pepper, often referred to as the king of herbs.

My mother is European and has always followed a healthy diet and lifestyle. However, without warning, on December 6th, my mom, my hero and my best friend, began experiencing symptoms of a heart attack By God’s grace, I was only inches away when the events unfolded, While on the phone with the 911 Dispatcher, I was able to give her some Cayenne, followed by Hawthorne and high doses of vitamin C minutes later. I knew that all three were known for their heart protective properties, but only Cayenne has been documented to stop a heart attack. By the time paramedics arrived, the one who took her vitals commented that he didn’t know what happened but there was no sign of a heart attack.

Following that experience, my mother’s protocol has been expanded, and my platform for educating others on the powerful properties of cayenne, has gained new purpose. I will further address this in a separate email over the coming days. Many may consider the evidence supporting Cayenne’s effect on heart attacks as purely anecdotal. However, for my family, it was a life-saving gift just in time for Christmas.

From my family to yours, wishing you a Merry Christmas and Wellness Wishes for a healthy New Year!

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