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Where A Moose Goes For Medicine?

I read this article about a moose eating greenery inside the lobby of an Alaska medical center. I smiled at the apparent unintended reference to a "dose of greenery”. The joke may actually be on us as animals not only eat plants for food, they select them for medicine too. . Animals are gifted with the instinctive knowledge of knowing the foods that can feed the as well as heal them. This process, referred to as zoopharmocognosy, it's one of the most fascinating aspects of my practice, in assisting animals on their wellness journeys. By understanding the ways we can support them by making the proper herbs and even essential oils available to them. We able to provide our companions, and other animals access to the healing properties available through self-medicating

To learn more about how to assist your companions to self medicate, their way to health, click here,

To read the moose, article, click here. :

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