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Mistletoe Therapy and Cancer

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

If you have only thought of mistletoe as the holiday plant that is supposed to prompt a kiss, you may be surprised to know it has so much more to offer when it comes to cancer therapy. I recently learned how European mistletoe is being used as a naturopathic treatment for cancer.

In her article The Miracle of Mistletoe, writer, Ali Cassity discusses the historical use of mistletoe for medical purposes. Although the plant’s application for health issues can be traced back centuries, many European countries have been using mistletoe for cancer since the 1920’s. In the United States, it has been utilized, primarily by Naturopaths, as an alternative cancer treatment as well as a complimentary one. The article offers success stories of those who have benefited from mistletoe therapy, which has led to a clinical trial by Johns Hopkins, in order to study the success rate of cancer patients who receive mistletoe therapy, as a first step in obtaining FDA approval. Whether mistletoe obtains FDA approval or not, for many people around the world, this therapeutic has been a true life saver.



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