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Holistic Wellness for Pets and their People

Naturopathic medicine was in existence long before the pharmaceutical based model of Western medicine.

Membership Based Natural Medicine
With a Twist

Anyone who lives with an animal understands just how special the human-animal bond is. As we share our lives together know that there is a common connection when it comes to how our moods, health and emotions affect them and how their affect us. At Herb-n-Wellness, we have created a one-of-a-kind platform to celebrate this journey we share with our furry companions. Unlike other platforms, we offer membership plans that acknowledge and incorporate your [et as an important part of your family

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Iridology Services


Iridology is based on the ability to identify weaknesses and imbalances throughout the body.

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Iridology is able to identify weaknesses in the digestive tract. hich directly impacts the brain

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Lymph congestion can accumulate and cause numerous issues. Iridology  can reveal where lymph is stagnant. Once idetified, these aeas van be targeted with appropriate

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Brown Eyes



We offer iridology assessments that help identify and discover imbalances in animals.

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Peeping Puppy

Helping Animals Heal

Animals have been gifted with the innate ability to heal themselves if given the right resources. Dr. Patti offers subscription based services and products to aid youe animals to prevent illness and achieve wellness.