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A Multidisciplinary

Wellness Destination Whose Time Has Come

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“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”

― Thomas A. Edison

A fundamental philosophy of naturopathic medicine is restoration.It s based on the idea that illness occurs as a result of imbalances, and toxic influences. Once these

toxins are removed, and deficiencies are replenished,health (balance) can be restored. Unlike other telehealth services, we offer a holistic approach that includes natural health assessments and protocols. We also incorporate cognitive therapy tools and natural therapies for all whom desire a more natural path. Our passion is to help address the imbalances (physical and emotional) and equip you

with the information and education to assist you on your,journey toward restoration.


What is Iridoology

lridology is the science of analyzing the various structures of the eye's iris, to  identify inherent weaknesses, imbalances and changes that take place in a person's body. Our eyes act as mini computers that process information contained throughout the bodv and is revealed in the individual iris. Iridology has been successfully used for more than 100 years and is recognized throughout the world for its ability to evaluate imbalances in people and animals alike.



We begin with an Iridology assessment, and possibly to determine the areas of imbalance.This creates a starting point to work from.




We creates a customized elimination plan that includes oral chelation along with natural therapeutocs to remove all toxons.



We  provide a personalized Protocol and remedy recommendations which include a combination of natural therapes.

Small bengal cat and Biewer-Yorkshire terrier puppy with stethoscope on his neck. isolated

Natural Telemedicine for Animals

Anyone who has companion animals understands the unique bonds that we share. At Herb-n-Wellness, we believe that the wellness of our pets should be as convenient and accessible as our own.Because pet parents realize th at our pets are part of our family, any wellness plan should encompass our furry family members as well. That's why we offer unique service options that acknowledge and embrace our wellness needs and those of our pets.

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